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New Rydes added for 2019!

Please PARK on the North side of the Show Barn


ALL GUIDED RYDES will be leaving across from the North Parking lot.  Most guided rydes will be in groups of 20 or less. Sign up for rydes at the Ryde table which will be near the Registration table.


SOME rydes will be offered as guided rydes. ALL rydes can be self guided using our RALLY   RYDE MAP BOOK which will have maps, and QR codes. These map books are made up by your local Spyder friends of their favorite Hill Country Rydes and are included in your registration packet.

Click the underlined words in the Ryde descriptions for additional information on the specific attractions.


Let's RYDE!!!

TIPS for those taking rydes led by local Spyder friends.



Make sure you signed up for the ryde at the Rally Ryde table and you are wearing your red wrist band.


Arrive at line up 15 minutes before departure with a full gas tank.


Line up for rydes led by local Spyder friends is on the long drive way across from the pavilion. Get in line behind the Spyder with the sign displayed of the ryde you want to take.


Prior to leaving, listen to instructions from your ryde leader. They will include gas and lunch stops.


Ryde at a safe speed, but try to keep up with the group.


When making a turn be sure the person behind you turns. If you don't see the person (if safe) stop at the corner until the person sees you make the turn.


If lanes are wide enough, staggered riding gives the person behind you a better view.


Keep a minimum of a 2 second following distance.


If you choose to leave the group please notify the ryde leader.


Have maps with you and know your basic route.


You are responsible for yourself and safety.


You must sign the Rally Liability Release Form at the registration desk.


Enjoy the scenery, your Spyder friends and HAVE FUN!

The Three Twisted Sisters Ryde

221 miles—5 hrs without stops  (*parts of this ryde can be challenging)


This is the most well known ryde in the Hill Country. The Three Sisters include

RR 335, 336, and 337. These are among the best, most challenging roads in Texas. Guided rydes by locals will be on Friday during the rally for this ryde. There will be a group for experienced ryders (fast paced), as well as one for those preferring a slower pace. Lunch stop is at the Bent Rim Grill in Leakey. On the way back, a stop can be made at the Apple Store in Medina for scrumptious apple pie and ice-cream. You deserve it!

Enchanted Rock Ryde

126 miles—3 hrs without stops


Without a doubt, there is no scenery anywhere else like we see  as we go by Enchanted Rock State Park. Included in this route is the Willow City Loop, made famous for the abundant wildflowers in the spring. Ryde down Main St in historic Fredericksburg. There are two recommended places to eat, both having outstanding hamburgers: the Pecan Grove Store (for a Dino Burger), or Alamo Springs Cafe. Locals take this ryde over and over.

Ryde to Gruene & Gristmill Restaurant Return via Purgatory and Devil's Backbone

192 miles—4 hrs without stops


Take scenic Hill Country roads to Canyon Lake, ryding below the dam and up to the Overlook. Ryde the beautiful Guadalupe River Road to the popular historic town of Gruene (pronounced Green). Lunch at the Old Gristmill. Return via Purgatory Rd and the Devils Backbone. This ryde takes you east for some different Hill Country scenery.  A good ryde to add variety in touring the Hill Country.

Let's Go to Luckenbach Texas Ryde

75 miles—1 hr 40 minutes without stops


Willie, Waylon and the boys may not be there, but the pickers will be. First make a lunch stop at Alamo Springs Cafe. You might just have the best hamburger you have ever eaten! Suggest taking this ryde Thursday of the rally, because Friday and Saturday is the Harvest Classic, which is an interesting event for vintage motorcycles. There is an entrance fee on these days. Luckenbach is a must not miss when visiting the Hill Country. Be sure and get your picture in front of the old Post Office!

Ryde 'Em Cowboy

142 miles—3 hrs without stops  (A challenging ryde)


This is a good ryde if you don't want to do all of the Three Sisters, but still get out to Leakey. The first part of the ryde has many elevation changes and twisty turns. The route takes you by Garner State Park and then to Bandera, “The Cowboy Capital of Texas.” You can also stop at historic Camp Verde. You might even see some buffalo!

Over the Hills and Dales Ryde

146 miles—3 hrs without stops


This is an easy ryde getting you out to Leakey without taking any of the more challenging Three Twisted Sisters roads. The scenery on this ryde abounds with rivers and hills. Start off with a stop at Stonehenge for a photo op. Ryde along the Guadalupe River, tour Garner State Park. See Bandera, The Cowboy Capital of Texas and Camp Verde. You have two great eating choices: the Bent Rim Grill in Leakey, or the Lost Maples Cafe in Utopia. A beautiful ryde.

Ryde to historic Fredericksburg

86.9 miles—1 hr 53 minutes without stops


This popular tourist town was settled by Germans in 1846. Plan on several stops depending on your interest. First stop may be before getting to Fredericksburg at  Street Dreams, where there are two large buildings of classic cars to enjoy. No fee. Main St is full of interesting shopping and restaurants. Good German food! Taking TX-290 east from Fredericksburg puts you in Wine Country. Beautiful vineyards and a huge new brewery. This area is second only to Napa Valley as a wine destination.

Tour the Hill Country Ryde

137 miles—3 hrs without stops


This ryde takes you to Stonehenge II for a photo op. Ryde along the Guadalupe River to the historic Hunt Store. Make a stop at the Lone Star Motorcycle Museum north of Vanderpool. Lunch at Lost Maples Cafe  in Utopia or at O.S.T in Bandera, “The Cowboy Capital of Texas.” On to the Apple Store in Medina for apple pie and apple ice-cream. Yum!!  This is a beautiful ryde.

Luckenbach-Alamo Springs-Apple Store Ryde

129 miles—2 hr 49 minutes without stops


These may be the  top three places for ryders to visit while in the Hill Country. This ryde would best be taken on Thursday of the rally as the Harvest Classic  (vintage motorcycles) will be going on in Luckenbach on Friday and Saturday, and there is an entrance fee for that event. While in Luckenbach, be sure to get your picture taken in front of the old Post Office! The ryde will include a stop at Camp Verde. See a whole lot of the Hill Country on this ryde – and maybe even some buffalo!

Grey Forest-Coyote-Three Peaks Ryde

115 miles—3 hrs without stops.first


This ryde starts by going to Bandera. From there it takes back-roads and some challenging twisties on Park Rd 37 working our way to the little town of Grey Forest. Then a friendly stop at Coyote Powersports, our CanAm Spyder dealership. Rocky is their Can-Am Master Tech.  On to travel the Three Peaks with lunch at Toucan Jim's in Center Point. You will wonder, how did we get to the Bahamas? A fun ryde.

Ryde to The Ridge

125 miles—2 hrs 32 minutes 2 hrs 32 minutes without stops


The Ridge is an “out of the way” wonderful place to get good food, bakery goods and ice cream. We get there by first making a stop at Stonehenge for a photo op, then on to the historic Hunt General Store. From there we go north on FM 1340, crossing the Guadalupe River 12 times and only seeing it 3 times. You have choices on this ryde: eating at the The Ridge and going to James Avery for jewelry shopping and/or going on to Fredericksburg for great BBQ at Backwoods BBQ. This is a part of the Hill Country probably most visitors never see.

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